Participating in Lightweight

As a Primary student my teammate participated in Soccer Lightweight Primary in Nagoya and Soccer Lightweight in Montreal. In rules it says:

9 International Competition
9.1 Team
Maximum teamsize is 4 members for RoboCupJunior 2018.13 Starting in 2017, Soccer Lightweight team members can participate in the World Championship only twice. After their second participation, they need to move to Soccer Open. Note that counting starts with the 2017 World Championship.

Since he participated in Primary, not Secundary, can he participate in Soccer Lightwright this year ?

Hi @Ardi123,

The spirit of this rule is to encourage anyone who repeatedly participated in the international event to move onto more difficult technical challenges.

Since your teammate already participated two times in the Lightweight category in the past, he would now need to move to Open in order to participate in the international event.

Hope this helps. Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


– Marek