Participate in Robocup Maze in age above 19

Before Pandemic me and my Teammate intended to participate in Robocup Maze German Open. However, now we grew to old (as mentioned on your main page). But since I read something else at Robocupgermanopen Page, I was wondering if both sites are talking about different Leagues. So is there any German (preferably in Berlin) Robocup Maze League where People above 19 can take place ?

And if not where else can we still participate with our robot ?

any responses would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Maurice,

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We don’t know about German Open because we are the organizers of the international competition. So, I don’t have an answer to you.
Please ask your question to German Open organizers.

According to the German open website(, you can contact them by email.

I recommend that you will contact this email address.


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