Out of bounds in the penalty area

Hi there.

Please tell me about the operation of the rule.

Starting with the 2020 rule, the penalty area is now also subject to out of bounds.

There is one problem here.
If a robot is out of bounds and touches the ball during the short time it is still on the field, what should be done?

Obviously, there are cases where a goal is prevented and cases where a goal is not involved.

Personally, I think it is better to say that if the ball is touched even a little, it is scored by the opponent.

Please let me know your opinion.


seizo mori

Hi there,

with double defense rules in the past we didn’t award goals that might have been scored if there had not been a double defense situation. In the same way we will not be scoring goals that might have been scored if there was no out of bounds robot in the way in penalty area.

I don’t have decision making authority though, I’m just answering from my experience as a referee. I hope it helps.

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Hi David,
I think, “not scoring” is the right answer. The out of bounds rule implements two different reasons:
a) out of bounds and
b) pushed out.
This decision between these two reasons is even harder to make in a defense situation in front of a goal.
For a robot out of bounds with reason a) there is the 1 minute penalty. That is hard enough and will lead to a goal in most situations anyway.

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