Orienteering objects

My team have looked through the rules and we wonder if it is allowed to drop objects that will be used as a way of orientation. Because if you follow rule 3.4.2 it is allowed

“3.4.2 Any parts that the robot loses intentionally or unintentionally will be left in the arena until the run is over. Team
members and judges are not allowed to remove parts from the arena during a run.”

My team don’t want any misunderstanding so I ask you the comity

Dear Robotmasters!

If the robot drops the objects for orientation: yes, it is allowed.

But keep in mind that after 3.4.2 they may not be removed afterwards(during the run) by neither a referee nor a team member, even if the dropped object is preventing the robot from continuing its way. Apart from that, I think the robot can drop objects wherever it wants.

If a human drops the objects for orientation: no, it is not allowed.

According to “2.1.3 Robots may utilize various maze navigation algorithms. Any pre-mapped type of dead reckoning (movements predefined based on known locations or placement of features in the field) is prohibited.” team members are not allowed to give the robot any additional information about the field and features in the field such as the start tile.

// Fredrik Löfgren, TC & OC member 2016 / 2017