Orange Ball Specifications

Does anybody know which company the orange golf balls were from in the 2023 International Bordeaux Competition? A link to buy would be great.

Our team is trying to test different balls for our dribbler, and the friction coefficient seems to be different for each ball.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, there is some variablility there - not just between models of golf ball but also with the same balls if some rubber or dirty collects on their surface. It is also not always the same balls from year to year, it is whatever the LOC (local organizing committee) can get. I remember using these before, but I am not sure if it was RoboCup German Open or the international tournament. I am pretty sure we didn’t use that exact model in Bangkok 2022.

In short: Unfortunately you cannot rely on the ball properties too well, if you already have different ones to test try to come up with a flexible solution, you will probably need it.