[Open] GamcaBot Griffins from Slovakia

How many years have you been competing in in RCJ Soccer?

Two years

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve prepared for this year’s RoboCupJunior Soccer competition?

This year we created completely new Arduino based robot from scratch. Last year we participated only with Lego EV3 based robot.

Where can we find your poster?

It should be available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/10n_-w3nhX5PRl2p-SWuz6KwyWvckR_6i/view?usp=sharing

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to ask @Tomas Kovac by replying to this thread !

Very nice work on the development of the new robot!
What is the game strategy of your robot?
Are both robots equal?

That’s a very clean-looking robot, I like it. I’d also like to know how you cope with fields where the compass readings are unreliable. Is that a big problem for you or does the compass become less important when the robot sees the goal?

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Great work team! The results you have are amazing!

Can you share with us some more information about the way you defined the current physical distribution of all sections of the robot, and then generate design updates? How many attempts you tried designing them?

Currently we have only one robot. We are planning to build the second in 9-10/2020.
Goalie will have different strategy, will be defending our goal.

We decided to use higher price, better quality compass.
When the robot sees the ball and the goal then the compass is not so important.

For our first attempt we used a prototype from cardboard and hobby foam boards.
The bottom board with motors and motor drivers was the initial idea.
Separate arduino for controlling motors on bottom board reduces number of wires to the top.
In the future we will probably need more space for line detectors.

Great Work!
Do you have any special point on designing chassis with 3D CAD and 3D Printer?
Especially strength and/or difference between classic way e.g. processing materials by hand.

Ok. Thanks for the answer.

It is simplest for us to make it on 3D printer and it is the most accurate. When you have first model you can easily make second version just by adjusting the first one. The material from 3D printer is really light so you won’t have problems with weight limit.

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