[Open] Galacticos from Mexico

How many years have you been competing in in RCJ Soccer?

Four and more years

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve prepared for this year’s

RoboCupJunior Soccer competition?

Our work with the light sensors

Where can we find your poster?

It should be available at

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Nice work, guys! The Mexican flag is very hard to miss. :wink:


I have a couple questions about your mirror setup:

  1. How did you make it?
  2. Is it spherical, did I see that right?
  3. How much of your cameras Field of View is taken up by looking at the robot? Do you have a camera picture of what the robot sees?
  4. How far away can you see with it?


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Thanks for sharing your work with us Team! Hope to see you in the national competition.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a difference between the physical aspects of your robots? do they perform the same or make different actions during game play according to the situation?

  2. Have you tested how far can the robots see with the un-intended mirror you have?

  3. What did you defined as the most important thing besides speed and strength?

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Hello! Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. Saludos!

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Hi David!
Our mirror is a piece of chromed and polished metal, which was worked in a chroming machine. The shape is spherical, because it was the most convenient thing to do on the machine. A big portion of the image reflected in the mirror is occupied by the robot itself, which sometimes might be a problem, at least half of the image is the reflected robot. We don´t have a picture of what the robot sees, sorry. In its best conditions, the robot can detect through the mirror in a radius of up to 60 centimeters.
Thank you! Regards.

Hello!, thank you for your comment, we also hope to see you next year in the national competition.
We use the same design for both robots, with the intention that they can perform the same tasks when necessary. Anyway, we try to each have a different goal on the field, being one more defensive than offensive.
Our robots can see in a radius of up to 60 centimeters, which gives the possibility of detecting ball and goals at the same time. However, we believe that it is important to improve our omni-directional vision system.
We believe that the most important thing in this category is that robots are precise, even if it is done in few tasks. The task that we consider most relevant is the detection of white lines, so that we can have both robots on the field all the time.