OnStage Technical Description Paper and Team Blurb - Sydney 2019

This year all teams are required to submit two documents:

  1. Technical Description Paper (TDP) - which is described in the rules.
  2. Team Blurb Slide - a single powerpoint slide which will be displayed on screen during breaks to help others learn about your team.
    The submission deadline for both documents is 12 June 2019. We would kindly ask all participating teams to keep this deadline.

Please download the template for the Technical Description Paper and edit with your teams data.

The Team Blurb powerpoint slide is an opportunity to be creative with your design! This slide will be displayed on the ‘big screen’ during breaks, and is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your team to the world. The slide should include your Team Name, some interesting information about your entry, and at least one photo.

Additionally, teams can add some photos to the the Technical Description Paper, however the maximum file size is 100MB and the contents should fit within 5 pages of A4 paper.

After you have prepared these documents, please submit them via the following google form. Please note the maximum file size is 100MB for the TDP paper and 100MB for the Team Blurb Slide.

OnStage Technical Description Paper and Team Blurb Submission Form: https://forms.gle/ZTk9aMeEY5qfTzpv5

If you have difficulties uploading to the web form and would like to submit via email, please post a message in the comments.

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Hi Monica,

I am an OnStage team mentor based in Australia, bringing a team to Internationals for the first time. I’ve just found this post when I went looking for info on the Technical Description Paper. Has this information been emailed to registered teams as well? I cannot find any emails about this in my inbox so it is quite fortunate that I have seen it now. Could I suggest that an email to team mentors would be appropriate to advise them of these requirements, particular as first-timers like my team have not done this before and may not even be aware of this forum.

A few questions:

  • Our team will next be together on 11 June 2019 and so it may be difficult to complete the TDP and submit it by 12 June 2019. We will try but if we need an extension, who do we contact? A few extra days would be helpful to allow everyone a chance to contribute, review and finalise.
  • The team is still working on their project and therefore some of the details may change before the event. Is there an option to update the TDP or Team Blurb prior to the event if there are significant changes?
  • The team have a logbook covering their work over the last year. This is 30+ pages so exceeds the 5 sheets listed in the TDP for additional photos/notes. I’m assuming that they cannot submit the full logbook so must condense this into the 5 sheets that are allowed. Is this correct? Is the full logbook submitted for any purpose or is this just something they can bring to their Technical Interview to assist with their explanations?

Thank you for your help.



Hi Grant,
Thanks for your message and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I expect to receive the email addresses of the mentors as soon as registrations are finalised so will write a welcome email. In general, we will be using this forum and the ‘Bulletin Board’ thread for communications before and during the competition. I noticed that your team has already submitted the TDP, thank you for this! I will follow up with the organising committee and see what the options are for updating if necessary.
You are correct - the logbook provides additional information to support the Technical Interview.
See you soon, Monica

Hello Monica, how are you? I wonder if there is any standard template for the logbook that the teacher mentioned above, or it is free for each team to build it. I am a newbie in the competition and I would like to take this doubt. Taking advantage of it, it confirms by kindness the receipt of the TDP and Slides of my team (Fenix ​​- On Stage Preliminary) Thank you.


Tiago Araújo - Mentor Junior