OnStage 2023 Rules and Scoresheets Released

Dear OnStage Community,

building on your feedback the official rules and scoresheets for the RoboCupJunior OnStage Season 2023 have been released recently. They can be found on the RoboCupJunior OnStage website.

As already outlined in the call for feedback the new rules habe been build upon the changes implemented in 2022 with a strong focus on now including innovation and showcasing the technology in the performances.

We are reintroducing the judged Technical Description Poster replacing the previously submitted paper to showcase the teams’ work visually rather than using words. This also allows for all teams to read and understand the performances, rather than just the judges! We highly recommend you have a look at past posters from the other RoboCupJunior leagues for inspiration.

Please read through the new documents and let us know if there are any questions or uncertaintys! We are happy to help you to prepare your performance and look forward to see the results during the various regional and international competitions!

Please note, that although we are continuously trying to unify the rules being used, some regional qualification events may use different versions of the rules.

With best wishes for your preparations,

OnStage League Chair 2023

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