OnStage 2021 Competition FAQ

OnStage TC will answer frequently asked question concerning the rules for the 2021 competition under this topic.
To keep this topic tidy please create seperate topics if you have new questions. We will add them here if needed.

Does introduction time count into the 1-2 minutes mentioned under 2.3.1 of the rules?
Teams have a total of 5 minutes on the virtual stage of which 1-2 minutes have to be used for the performance. The rest of the time should be used to introduce the team and describe the project. Although a short explanation of the used technologies is welcome but please keep the details for the Technical Presentation Video.

Which activity for OnStage Teams is going to happen on which days?
This is the OnStage schedule for RoboCup 2021:
Tuesday, 22/06:
-SuperTeam rule announcement
-Team meeting
-Deadline for TDP and Technical Presentation video submission
Wednesday 23/06
No activity for teams
Thursday 24/06
Performance 1
Friday 25/06
Technical interviews
Saturday 26/06
Performance 2
Sunday 27/06
Super Team performances
Monday 28/06
Award Ceremony

How to submit Technical Description Paper and Technical Presentation videos?
Teams are going to receive an form where they can upload their TDPs. Technical presentations need to be submitted as a video link and a download link. If possible the video should be available on YouTube and the download link can be on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, pCloud or any other reliable cloud service.

Is it possible to have multiple people connect to the competition at the same time from different locations to do the performance and interview?
Teams members are allowed to take part from different locations.

!!CHANGED!! Is it allowed to set the stage and calibrate the robots before the live streaming starts or must this happen in front of the judges?
Robots should be calibrated before the performance but the judges need to see the whole setup process of the stage. Teams need to start with an empty stage.

Is video editing allowed for Technical Demonstration Video?
Yes, video editing is allowed! Feel free to make use of close ups from your robots, code snippets or recordings from CAD models. Please be honest and don’t show features that will not work in your performance.