On stage performance

I have a question concerning the performance on stage
how many team members are allowed on stage during the performance in 2022?

Thank you for your question @mariam_263. As the RoboCup Junior OnStage Rules section
4.10. Humans on stage states, “Human team members may perform with their robots on the stage during the performance.” This means that all team members can feature on stage during the performance.

However, as always we recommend that the human performance should not detract from the robotic performance. Teams should refer to acting recommendations to ensure that human performances complement their robot’s performances.

Hope this helps!

Margaux - OnStage OTC Chair

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thank you so much for replying , it helped alot

I have another question concerning the Recorded Technical Demonstration Video
it was written that it must be submitted by the dead line set by the OnStage Committee.
but it wasn’t clear when is the dead line or were to submit the demonstration video ?

All details regarding the submission of documents will be sent to teams once they have been accepted to compete at the International competition. This will contain all submission dates and the event schedule.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm specific time periods but please assume that the submission will take place before your first performance.

Hopefully this helps!

Margaux - OnStage OTC Chair

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