Obstacle size and orientation

What is the requirement for obstacle size and orientation in the maze competition? I was told the obstacle size can be as high as 2cm. Do we need to design the robot bottom to be at least 2cm high above the ground?



Dear cxz116,

Obstacles will be at least 15 cm high. They can be placed anywhere in the maze. However they will never block a path to a victim. Obstacles can be fastened to the floor, but are probably not. The robot is allowed to push the obstacles.

Speedbumps will be at most 2 cm high. Speedbumps will be fastened to the floor. The robot is supposed to climb over speedbumps.

Debris will be at most 1 cm and not fastened to the floor. It can be driven over or pushed aside by the robot.

// Fredrik Lofgren, TC member 2016/2017