New type of Ramps in the 2020 rules

I have one question about the new ramps described in 1.2.5.
I have now idea what they are and how they will look like. Could anybody draw a sketch? I have one particular question in mind: Can the robot drive under the ramps/higher levels? Or are the higher leveled tiles a replacement for the ground floor?

Sorry for my bad englisch.

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Hi @B.Robots,

Exactly, I was thinking about it. I think it is difficult to make a map if the robot goes(through?) under the ramp.
So, for now,

β€œthe robot does not go under the ramp.”

However, if there are many opinions on this topic that it is easy, think again.
What do you think?


Hi @mymama

Thank you for your reply.

I think it would be really hard to create a virtual map if the robot could drive under the ramp/bridge. Cause this would need some sort of dynamic memory allocation for big data chunks, and is therefore very difficult to achieve on an embedded device.
And there is another problem: If rhe robot gets stuck under the ramp it would be very difficult for the team/referee to get the robot out and put it on a checkpoint, if there are only 10cm height between robot and ramp.

Team B.Robots

Hi @B.Robots,

I think the ramp which will be put inside a floor may be enough hard.

In addition, there is a step in new draft.
If a feild designer put both(step and ramp) in same feild, I think it will be very very hard.
Is it too hard ?