New Rules not valid for Germany - We need locations where the new rules are valid

Dear Sir or Madam,
The German Committee of RoboCup Juniors has decided in 2020 not to participate in the new international rules at RoboCup.
The German competitions will be held according to the rules of 2019, so we have a big request for you.

We kindly ask you to tell us the locations in Europe that adhere to the new rules and where we are allowed to start.

We want to face the international challenge but
For teams whose goal is to compete internationally, it is hardly possible to start at national level according to the 2019 rules and when qualifying under the international new rules.
In addition, we build our student teams so that they can rise directly from RoboCup Junior in the RoboCup League.

Many thanks and best regards Ina May
roboterfabrik & Roberta RegioCenter Hannover
Leibniz University Hannover

Hi Ina,

Thank you for the question about the rule disparity between regional selection and the international. There are two parts to my answer to your question.

  1. Qualification
    Qualification is done by each region participating in RoboCupJunior. Teams must be qualified through the qualification held in their residential region. This means your team must be qualified through German qualification. The rules of the qualification event is decided by the committee of the region.

  2. Experience using the international rules
    Teams can apply to participate in “open” events that include Portuguese Open, Austrian Open (confirmed to use 2020 rules) and European Open. I hope they will use 2020 rules.

Hope it helps.

Warmly, Amy Eguchi, RoboCupFederation Trustee representing RoboCupJunior