Neutral Spots Position

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About Neutral spots Rules 4.5.1

In the text, ``The remaining four located adjacent to each corner and 45 cm along the long side of the field. ”, but in the FIELD DIAGRAMS in 4.8.3, it is located at 72cm=60+12 and 52cm=40+12 from the corner.
Which is correct ?

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this is unfortunate, we do have an inconsistency there and the wording isn’t super clear either. The diagram at 4.8.3 should say 45cm instead of 60cm from the border of the playing area, so 45cm+12cm=57cm from the back wall. We will update the diagram but it will probably not be this year because of the holidays.

The thinking behind the change was to make it less likely for goals to be scored by driving straight at the ball that was placed on the neutral spot and to maintain roughly the same distance to the enlarged penalty area.

Thank you for pointing this out.

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Hi, David

Thank you very much for your early reply.
It was helpful to get a confirmation before I order the new carpet from now on for the Japan Open.

I was looking at the new rule adapted field in Bangkok and thought that 60cm from the goal line was a mistake.

So I conclude that the text in 4.5.1 is correct and that you plan to change the diagram in 4.8.3.
Thank you very much.

Happy holidays!


Hi Mika,

we have now also updated the construction drawings in the rules document, the new version is available at the same link here

Thanks again for pointing this out and (belatedly) a happy new year,