Negotiation a ramp

Hello Line followers,
is it right, that you will earn only 5 points for climbing up AND driving down a ramp. In other words: You DON´T get 5 points for climbing up plus 5 points for driving down.
3.5.4 A robot is awarded points for successfully navigating through a ramp (5 points per ramp). Successfully navigating means the robot reached the tile of the ramp and followed the line until it has reached the tile after the ramp, autonomously.
I think it is worth to get 20 points for up and 10 for down driving, like it is in Maze.

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The robot can get 5points for climb the ramp, -› yes.
The robot can get 5points for going down the ramp -› 5points

We will not change in the rule of 2019.
We will discuss your suggestion in 2020 rules discussion.

Thank you.


Dear Andreas,

Just clarifying on Naomi’s point; you will get 5 points for every ramp. A ramp can be either up to one level or down one level. So if you go up and then down, you will earn a total of 10 points.


Kai Junge
2019 TC

Thank You Naomi, Thank You Kai.
It is now clear.
I am looking forward, if the points will be changed.
I really think, that to program an intersection, with a green point, is the same difficulty, as to create a robot, who is able to climb up a ramp.
Have a nice day