Music & video for OnStage performance

My OnStage team have an audio (MP3) file for use in their performance which we will provide regardless. However, my question is with regards to the optional “visual or multimedia presentation as part of their performance”. Can this be a video file (e.g. MP4) that is played instead of the MP3 so the audiovisual is in sync? If we take this option, can we provide this to the RoboCup technician or do we need to bring our own laptop for playback?

Of course, we will definitely have the MP3 as backup if the visual component is problematic.

from my previous years experience of participation , i think playing the file willl not be a problem , u have to inform the technical team before hand and they will guide you accordingly

Hi Grant
I have just clarified this. Can you please bring your video file on setup day (June 3) to test with the audio technician? We are prepared for common file formats however we can’t guarantee without testing. Actually please can you bring your laptop just in case?

I know there are a multitude of video formats so was definitely intending for the team to test with the technician on June 3. We will also have the raw video project so can export to another format if it doesn’t work. We will also have a laptop in case but would be better if we don’t need to worry about this. And, of course, the MP3 if it doesn’t work at all. Lots of contingencies!

Is there any information as yet on setup day schedules so we can plan our travel to Sydney around this? What times can we access the venue and are there any scheduled things we need to be aware of on the day?