Music Copyright rules

OnStage Rule 3.4.2: MUSIC
“If a team uses copyrighted music, they should follow the Copyright Law of the region where the event is held”.
Question: What is applicable to RoboCupJunior Bordeaux 2023?

Hi Gio, We’re checking with the LOC. Hopefully, we will get their response soon.

Thank you raising the issue.
In France, it is the responsibility of the organizer to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.
Technically, we (the organizers) have to declare the event to an ad-hoc body (SACEM) and pay a fee based on the size of the event (as we won’t be in position to provide the full list of all music extracts used)
In other words, competitors shouldn’t have to worry about this matter.
Looking forward to meet you all here !

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Thank you. Amy, and JF

Thank you, Jean-François!!!