Multiplier Rule Section 3.5.11

Hi everyone this is my first post. Just wanted to confirm whether I have understood the new rules regarding the Multiplier well. So by picking up the rescue kit and placing it in the rescue area, the multipliers come into effect. More multipliers are added if victims are rescued successfully. Now my question is (even in the light of rule 3.5.11), is the multiplier applied to the total score or just to the rescue zone? So if the multiplier (less any LoPs) result in 2.45, will the judges multiply the final score (including tiles, intersections, checkpoints etc) by 2.45 at the end?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @axisa,
Sorry late reply.
We will respond to the multiplier of this score after the official rules are given.
This may be due to a draft change. The official version will have rules coming soon.