Multiplier calculation when LoPs occurred (Rule 2020)

Hi @RCJ-RescueTC ,

I’m understanding when a rescue kit and 2 victims are rescued in evacuation level 2, the multiplier will caluculated as :

Rescue kit --> Live  -->  Dead 
   x1.4     *  x1.4   *   x1.4   = x2.744

However, I’m wondering how to calculate the multiplier when LoPs (decrease 0.05 from multiplier) occurred between rescuing the each victims or rescue kit.
When the below situation, how can I calculate the multiplier?
Reduce the multiplier from “sub total”? or from “each multiplier”?

[Evacuation level 2]
Rescue kit --> LoP -> Live --> LoP --> Dead


Hi @Ryo

For every lack of progress that happens, 0.05 will be subtracted from every multiplier.

This means that for the case of Rescue kit -> LoP -> Live -> LoP -> Dead, the team will receive (1.4 - 20.05) * (1.4 - 20.05) * (1.4 - 2*0.05) = 2.197 as their multiplier.

The idea is that the multiplier can be adjusted right at the end of the game so it is simpler for the judges to keep track.


Kai Junge
2019-20 TC