Multiple Robotics

A question arose about interchanging robots. Are teams allowed to have one or more spare robots (that have passed inspection) and use them in the event of one of the main robots becoming non-functional? Also, if so can team’s switch out robots during the round or they must wait till the next round?

Hello @DarshanPatel,

Your question should be directly answered by rule 3.1 which you can find directly in the rules on page 13. It says the following:

Each team is allowed to have at most two robots for the full tournament. The substitution of robots
during the competition within the team or with other teams is forbidden.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to let me know if you have other questions.


– Marek

While I fully understand the good intent of this policy to keep the fairness, it is somewhat opposite to the encouraged practice - in any event, teams are always encouraged to have a backup robot in case one of them failed inexplicably. In this case, especially when teams have to travel from a foreign country.

This rule basically said teams are not allowed to have a backup robot. This does not seem quite make sense though.

But then, giving it some more thought to this. The possible reasons for the rule can be two-folded:

  1. to enforce teams to fix their own problems on the fly. This is a good thing indeed; and I am all for it.
  2. to prohibit the possibility that someone else created a hardware solution for them up front.


But then, how could this be enforced though; as this could have been back in the hotel. Thus, by not allowing a backup bot seems to penalize the honest ones.

I am true believer that policy is created for a good reason. I truly do see the good intent of this policy. In the meantime, a policy must be created with “the effectiveness” in mind. Otherwise, it may post adverse effect.

Just my 2 cents thought, of course.

If anyone wishes to use a backup bot, one must demonstrate exactly why; and share that knowledge with everyone. We all know that problems are a good learning opportunity too.

Well, it is, of course, the question about how on earth to execute that process !? Tough indeed. Yes, being organizer is indeed a difficult job. We do appreciate all the hardwork from the TC and OC . It is always easier from the receiving end like us to voice opinion. It is always far more complicated to be implemented and executed.

Thank you again.

After some short discussions with local committee members…

To make the policy somewhat effective, it only makes sense if they are required to keep the bot at the venue overnight. You have my vote on this one.

I am indeed very excited to talk about the possibility of this idea of keeping the bot at the venue. This will force the kids to think further about data collection, simulation, and importance of replicating problems, organizing their thought of cause and effect, etc. prototyping not only at the design stage, but testing stage as well. This will enforce a whole new level of learning .

This will be GREAT if that can be enforced! The team will just need to make sure they robots are locked up. If the facility may provide that possibility, it would be great.