"Modifying a robot"

I red this part of the rules 2017:

3.4.1 “Modifying the robot during a run is prohibited, which includes
remounting parts that have fallen off. 3.4.2 Any parts that the robot
loses intentionally or unintentionally will be left in the arena until
the run is over. Team members and judges are not allowed to remove parts
from the arena during a run.”

During a run a girdle loosened from its place but just a little bit,
remaining attached to the robot, no falling off. Can the captain call a
lack of progress and fix the problem? The referee told her it was not
possible because of “3.4.1 Modifying the robot during a run is
prohibited”. In my view “modifying” means a captain cannot change
sensors, wheels, structures, software and so on during a run but fix the
problem I talk before does not mean “modifying” the robot.

What is the right interpretation of the rule?

Hi Peter,

This is quite hard to answer, because of the nature of the problem. There are no clear boundaries.

You should build a robot that is stable and robust enough to sustain a 8 minute game. If the robot needs repair during a run it is not a good rescue robot, right?

But I understand that there is a difference between tighten a single bolt and remounting wheels that has fallen off.

To be fair we have said that the teams are not allowed to repair a robot during a lack of progress, see 3.6.3 “Team members are prohibited from […] repairing the robot during a restart”. I think the referee should have referred to this rule.

In an ideal world (maybe in the future) I would prefer to have the judges to start and restart the robots. So the teams can’t modify, repair or pass any information to their robot. In Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot Contest it is like this.

Hops this answers your question?

// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2016 / 2017

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Your answer is perfect and clear.

Rules 2016 (we used that one in March 2017)
3.6.3 After a Lack of Progress, the team captain may reset the power supply (turn the robot off and on) and because of this the program is restarted. He is not allowed to change the program or give any information about the maze to the robot.

Rules 2017 (still DRAFT?)
3.6.3 After a Lack of Progress, the team captain may reset the power supply (turn the robot off and on) and subsequently restart the program. The team captain is not allowed to change the program, give any information about the maze to the robot, or repair the robot.

So it will not be allowed to repair the robot in future competition. Good to know. But I deduce that in 2016 rules it was possible. I prefer 2017 rules, anyway.

Thank you, tack, good night!


Correct conclusion.

The rules will be draft until after all national and regional competitions. We are collecting information and feedback and will do some minor updates. Also from the questions here at the community. No rule changes, just clarifications.

// Fredrik Löfgren

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I did’n know the rules are draft during regional and national challenges.
Some people told me they are draft during regional and become official at national (Italian) competition.
There is a lot of confusion about that as I notice in 2016.
Useful information!
Thank you, tack!

Ah, I also noticed that confusion last year.

Our intention is to do like this in the future. First release a draft and several months later release the final version for the international event, after dialogue and feedback from the RoboCup community.

We will release the final version by May.

// Fredrik Löfgren

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