Maze Rules 2023: official blue tiles expected behaviour clarification

Hi everyone,

we are aware the rules missing clarification on expected behaviour of your robots when approaching the new blue tiles. We will update this in official rules soon, for now refer to this post as committee’s official statement on this matter. It differs from answers I have given on some other threads, as we realized that our original intent to make it easier to judge, only raises more questions as seen by really long threads discusing this matter, so we decided to change up our initial concept. Therefore, I apoligize for confusion created by this.

The agreed upon ruling is the following:
If robot visits the blue tile, it has to remain stationary for 5 consequent seconds, before visiting another tile.

This means:
LoP will occur if robots visits another tile without stopping for 5 consequent seconds, after visiting the blue tile.

LoP will be called once the robot enters another tile, if it hasn’t served its 5 seconds penalty, of course.

Here are some of the situations that may occur and if they would be considered LoP or not:

I hope this is clear enough, but feel free to ask any questions if in doubt.

Good luck to everyone,

2023 committee

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