Maze misidentification

Dear all,

There is a rule about misidentification that says “If a robot identifies a victim through methods outlined in 4.5.1, but is outside the 15 cm radius of any victim, 5 points will be deducted.” (4.5.14)
I was wondering what happens if
a)A robot identifies a victim when there is no victims around?
b)A robot identifies a different type of victim from the one it should?


Hi @HRobo

a)If the robot makes an appeal that identifies the victim even though there are no victims, it is a false appeal. So - 5 points.
b)For example, a robot has identified ‘H’. But from the human eye, it is ‘U’. Still, the robot has found the victim.


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Dear @mymama

Thanks a lot for your quick response, it was very clear and helpful

Hi Naomi,

I just had the same question; and just want to be clear, there is no lack of progress happens in case of victim misidentifications and the false appeal? So, the penalty of these situations is just deducting 5 points?


Hi @peyman.yousefi3

There is No LoP.
Only misindentication -5 points.