Maze Construction


Our team is new to maze and we’ve gotten some tiles, walls and pieces. We’re unsure of how to put them together so are there any instructional videos about constructing a maze course. We’re unsure how to place the walls together as various tiles are different sizes. Is there an instructional document or video that someone owns on constructing courses and setting up the heat patches.


Li Hong Liu

Hi @Li-Hong,

We don’t have any video for building Maze field.
We draw a sample picture in the rules, only.

If you show materials which you have, someone know how to use them or someone have an idea.



Hello Li Hong Liu,
we use a simple wooden board with white surface. The walls are from the same material. We have made holes in the board and made some sticks with glue for wood into the walls. So you could place the walls anywhere into the matrix.
Because of I can´t upload the pictures look here:

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