Maps used in the competition

Where can we find the maps used in the different rounds? By using those maps, we can keep improving our code; its performance, specially. They would be really helpful for us, and for the other teams as well.

Joaquín - Talos IITA Argentina

Making a few of the world maps available to teams is definitely one of after event tasks to be considered. At the very moment, not all the committee members return back to home countries. Thank you for your patience.

–Elizabeth Mabrey
2022 Committee

Thank you for responding! We’ll wait.

We have another doubt, though. Where can we find info about the other teams? We would really love to get in touch with them. We are already planning great stuff with Sonny, who were our partners for the SuperTeam, and we’d love to create amazing things with other teams.

Joaquín - Talos IITA Argentina

PS: I’ll post that doubt in another “entry” named “Info about other teams”.