Line Rules 2024 – Draft released & Feedback wanted

Dear RoboCupJunior Rescue Line community,

We have now taken your feedback to improve on our suggested changes and added them to the 2024 Rules Draft. It also features a list of all the changes to the last set of rules, which will make it easier to spot the differences for experienced teams.

Please read through it on the official RoboCupJunior Website here and leave your feedback in this forum thread. We look forward to receiving your feedback and improving the rules for the final release!

Please note that all wording is not final until the official rule documents are released.

Thank you!

2023 Rescue Committee

Hello there,

Will the newly revised rules for the 2024 Draft be implemented in the upcoming RoboCup Asia-Pacific competition in South Korea?

Additionally, we came across an updated document titled “RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2023 Junior Rescue Line Entry Rules - Final 2023-09-14.” Is this related to the changes you’ve mentioned?


Hi @Todd
This is beyond the responsibility of the international RCJ Rescue Committee, so please refer to the organizers of that competition.


2023 Rescue Committee Chair


I have a question about the new victims.

Is the additional weight inside the victims loose, so it can slide around inside the ball? → if the victim is pushed it will stay at the position it has been pushed to.

Or is the weight attached inside the victim? → the victim will roll back to its one main position if you push it.

Thank you

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Hi all
I would like to understand well
What does it mean “off centered” ?
How to make it ?


I have read the “Rescue Line 2024 rules DRAFT”.

I thought it would be more understandable to change the expression below

3.2.8. Robots must be equipped with a single physical binary switch/button (with exception of
buttons that are a part of commercial controller), clearly visible to the referee, for starting the
robot at the begining ot run and when a lack of progress occurs. Procedure performed after
LoP occurs can only include this button and at most one more switch for cutting the power

I think this is a typo
at the begining ot run —> at the beginning of the run

2.3.4. The line will be 10 cm away from any edge of the field, walls, pillars to support ramps, seesaws, and obstacles that do not lie ahead of the robot’s path.

10cm away —> at least 10cm away

How do you like it?


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