Lack of progress after final check point


Can you please clarify this part of rules?
3.5.16 When a lack of progress occurs after the final check point marker, 5 points will be deducted from each victim rescued (however points will not be a negative number).
Is it about all victims or only about victims that have been rescued.

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If it was only about victims that are already rescued, you would have the categories “silver”, “black before last silver” and “black after last silver” 8 times on the scoring sheet(-5P, -10P…). Another problem would be, that the referees would have to move the rescued victims on the scoring sheet after each lack of progress.
To conclude, I’m almost sure that this rule applies to all victims. (After 8 LoPs you can’t get victim points anymore)

Thanks for your kind replay. I agree with you.

Dear Hani

As it has been pointed out, indeed the rule applies to all victims.

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Kai Junge
2019 TC

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