It's seemingly impossible to handle multiple ramps?

I will try my best to describe the issue without a diagram, so if something isn’t clear, I apologize beforehand. (I would recommend drawing this situation out)

This year in rescue maze, the maze can now include multiple ramps to one floor, and robots are expected to handle this scenario. Now let’s imagine we have 2 floors, the first floor, and the second floor, with 2 ramps leading to the second floor. Now imagine a robot that goes up one of these ramps from the first floor, it will “solve” the maze in the second floor and will discover this second ramp. The robot then goes down the second ramp, and we have run into a problem, this second ramp could lead anywhere! For example, this second ramp could lead to a whole new maze, or it could lead to a section of the first floor that is closed off from the rest of the first floor, or it could continue from basically any random tile in the first floor. There’s no way to determine which of the above situations we are encountering, so I believe there should be more clarification on how the ramps can be placed throughout the maze.


Hello @dydx ,

Thanks for sharing your concern. I would recommend researching past approaches to the challenge :slight_smile: Even thought we modified how the ramps look in the last few years, the situation you are describing has been possible for a loooong time (I remember seeing a crazy multiramp field in the 2016 competition).

We understand it’s a difficult problem to solve, but we are thrilled to learn how your team approaches the challenge and provides a solution!


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

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