Is the use of buttons permitted?

We have a doubt: is it possible for us to click a robot’s button (or several) for some purpose while we position our robots before the kickoff? (RCJ Soccer Lightweight)

Hi @Antonio - thanks for the question and sorry for the delay.

There is nothing in the rules stating that you cannot push buttons on your robot before kickoff. In fact, rule 1.10.3 gives teams five minutes before the start of each half to calibrate at the ref’s discretion.

Concerns do arise if your button presses must occur every time your robot(s) are placed on the field; not being able to start your robot quickly enough while returning from a penalty may cause interference (1.4.1 and 6.1.4). For example, a ref could determine that your robot is damaged (1.10) if it cannot be started in a fully calibrated state quickly enough.

Please understand it would be difficult to rule on all the hypothetical scenarios and it is best to discuss the particulars with the head ref at the events you attend at the driver’s meeting or sometime before matches begin.