Is Step-Up considered voltage pumping?

The 2024 draft forbiddens voltage pumping circuits(circuits which multiply voltage and bring it to unsafe levels). Are step-up circuit considered voltage pumping, even though they are a completely different type of circuit which has the same effect?

Step-up circuits as well as voltage pumps are not forbidden. What is forbidden is to have voltage on the robot that exceeds safe levels that is 48V DC or 25V AC RMS. So you can use step-up/voltage pump but voltage produced by this circuit must be bellow 48V DC/25V AC RMS.

As @bukajlag pointed out they are not illegal. I see how it is a bit confusing that the sentence allowing them has been removed. That is just because it is no longer necessary to have an exception from the 15/15V limit because it does not exist anymore. The footnote is only there as a marker of change from the previous rules, to make it easier to ccompare what has changed. It will go away in the next ruleset so that potential for misunderstanding will go away at that point.

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