Is Maze robot platform legal?

Our teams are experienced competitors in RCJA MazeRescue (Australia) but this is our first attempt at the RCJ rules.
We are hoping to get clarification of some rules.
Is it legal to use the EZ-Robot platform? The robot is autonomous but the processing is distributed between the controller, a wifi linked PC and (potentially) cloud based systems as well.
In this application we would use the PC processing for object recognition (visual victims, obstacles) and link to an on-board Arduino for some I2C signal processing as well. Cloud processing is not needed.
The PC would be needed to start and stop the program but would not be touched during the run. No information regarding the maze layout is transferred to the robot but the visual processing takes place in the PC.
While it would all be OK under the Australian variant of the rules I am not sure where we stand under International rules.


We didn’t allow any wireless communication between a PC and a robot within round.
We allowed wireless communication only between robots.
See General rules.

Then if you will not use wireless communication, you will start without your PC. Please ask again.


This is not legal under international rules. The robot must have all processing onboard. You cannot use processing external to the robot.


Thanks guys for your prompt replies - it was as expected. Everything on the one physical platform probably with multiple processing units.

A bit of a pity as a distributed processing path offers some very interesting solutions, particularly when you bring AI and machine learning into the equation.

The approach would possibly prove easier and faster to use in implementing your strategies as well.

No worries - it was just an idea.

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