Is Edge Impluse allowed?

Is Edge Impluse allowed in this competition?
We’re considering preparing our own dataset and train a model with it.


Hi @Niny,

We don’t impose any restrictions on platforms or software, it’s entirely up to you. If you create models and algorithms using your own dataset, it is absolutely allowed.

2024 committee

Hi @rzhang,

We’re getting some conflicting information here. Back in September @Matej said that it shouldn’t be allowed (Using Edge Impulse for training models).

Of course we would create our own dataset, and train the model with it. Now we’re thinking if we can use Edge Impulse or similar, or do we have to create our own model from scratch?

Could we get a final answer, so that we can start developing in the right direction at the right time.


Hi @McReny,

As you can find in his post, there is an ongoing discussion about the legality of using similar software and I’ve restarted the discussion in committee. According to the latest rule, the 2024 final rule, I didn’t find any terms about restrictions on the use of these software so they are allowed to be used. If there are changes after the new discussion, we will reflect the appropriate terms within the rules and keep you informed.

Hope this helps.
2024 committee