Is component KY-033 allowed?

hi, I would like to know if the KY-033 component is allowed

Hi Nick,

This sensor is allowed. Can you expand why you are worried that it might not be allowed in the competition? This will help me better understand your situation and explain better the restrictions of some sensors.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Ciao @Dieguinilombrin nel regolamento della robocup c’è una sezione in cui si dice che non possono essere usati sensori appositamente progettati per svolgere delle funzioni particolari della gare e lui (ky-033) è un sensore segui linea che legge il bianco e il nero la mia preoccupazione era che rientrasse in uno di questi sensori

Thanks for your explanation @nick06 ! This sensor is a digital way of knowing if the color is black or white (only returns 1 or 0). And you adjust the parameter with the built-in potentiometer. You still need to implement your line following logic and integrate that with your movement logic to be able to follow a line.

What is forbidden in the rules is using sensors that will do all these operations for you (for example, you just plug them in, connect the motors to the sensor and it will start following the line automatically).

Hope this makes it clearer to understand which kind of sensors are allowed and which ones doesn’t!


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee