IR Sensors and Compass Sensors for LEGO EV3 Robotics +


Can someone please remind me what are the best sensors to use with the orange passive ball and electronic ball with the LEGO EV3 robotics kits? Third party ideas are welcome. This is for beginners/ novice students in Soccer as oppose to participants at RoboCup International. Thank you for your ideas.

For the electronic IR ball, maybe this sensor helps:

for lego mindstorms, if you use Ev3Dev, it may be much easier…

  1. you can use pixy -cam for orange ball… - see
  2. You may also check out the Mindsensors Cam (not sure about the viewing distance though. My expericence of it (way back about 6 years ago), was less than 2 feet. Not sure about now.
  3. for better ones - you will need to get ev3 talk to a PI via Serial pins or ethernet connection. The former will need more electronic knowledge. The later one will need them to learn about socket programming. - ev3dev is opensource.

There is no out of the box solution that I know of, or even just a 3rd party sensor can offer a somewhat reliable sensing.