IR Distance Sensors in Open

Now that Open doesn’t use an IR ball, are IR distance sensors allowed in Open? I guess if two opposing teams are both using them, they could interfere with each other, but that’s not so different from before when two teams used sonar distance sensors.



Hello @jesseg,
Sorry for my late response here.

In section 3.1 the 2017 rules state:

The robot must not emit infrared light. However, optical sensors (e.g. infrared-distance-sensors) may be used as long
as they do not affect other robots. This needs to be proved by a referee or an OC member if a claim is placed by the
other team.

To reiterate, your point of view was indeed correct: the only problem (from the rules’ point of view) is the situation when both teams use them and interference of some sort occurs. If that does not happen, they can be used in Open without any issues.

Hope this helps,

Are we allowed to use laser distance measurment like LidarLite (class 1 Laser) ?


Hi @Rezamahzoonie

Since the currently published rules do not regulate the use of laser-based distance sensors, you are allowed to use the. However, the normal conditions still apply:

  1. They need to cause no damage to both the robots and the humans that take part in the game.
    This should be OK in your case, as class 1 laser should be safe under all conditions of normal use.
  2. They need to cause no interference with regards to other robots on the field.
    This should also be OK under normal circumstances.

Thanks again for the question – I hope my answer helps to clarify the situation a bit. If more teams start to use laser-based distance measurement sensors in the future, the rules will most probably be updated to reflect that. In any case, however, stock sensors (such as LidarLite) will most probably always be allowed, provided they pass the conditions listed above.

– Marek

so i’m looking for a micro chip that works well for junior soccer open and i’m found “ARM”, “dsPIC”
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