Intersection scoring question

If a robot re-enters an intersection tile but from a different direction, does that count as a new intersection (for scoring) or is it not counted.

For example, in the image below if the robot starts where the arrow is, heads down around the circle, makes a U turn at the double green and then goes around the circle again and comes back up and turns left should this be scored as 6 intersections or 11 intersections?

Hi @Dennisma,

According to
4.6.4. Each gap, speed bump, intersection, dead end, ramp, obstacle, and seesaw can only be scored once
per intended direction through the course. Points are not awarded for subsequent attempts through
the course.

this would be scored as 11 intersections because intended directions are different for each of the intersection (meaning robot enters the intersection from a different “branch” each time).

2023 committee

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Thank you for the clarification!