Internationals worlds changed outside of world editor

Hello all,
I have an issue to address: The world files from internationals are manipulated after they have been generated from the World Editor website.

To showcase an example of this, using the Simulation World Editor website, I exported a new .wbt file from the provided file “Day1_4.json” and exported to a new .wbt file

Here are the 2 worlds side by side. On the left is the exported world from the JSON and on the right is the world ran at internationals: “Day1_4.wbt”.

These worlds are DIFFERENT in shape and placement.

This is an issue because teams are provided with the RCJ Sim World Editor website to create their own worlds for testing, but these unusual shapes are not something this website can recreate. Thus, teams could not anticipate such change and this is not something they could have been prepared for. If worlds are being edited outside of the provided World Editor website, does this mean teams can use robot jsons modified outside of the Robot Customizer website as well?

Thank you for your consideration,