In RoboCup 2022 Rescue Simulation

Which are we going to use, Cospace or Erebus?

Hi @limjduni,

As we announced in a newsletter to all Regional Rep. from RoboCup Trustee, we plan to use Erebus in 2022 competition.

We also sent the same newsletter to registrants from the RoboCup Junior Rescue Community Site(

We are looking forward you and all simulation team at 2022 competition.


Hello, we are a team entered for the Robocup Junior Rescue Simulation Competition. But we did not receive any schedule of dates on which the programs must be presented or if there will be a preparation instance. Could someone confirm that this information has not yet been sent to registered teams? Because if they already sent it for some technical reason it did not reach our team. Thanks.

Hi @gustavo,

Don’t worry.
We didn’t send any announce to particpants of the RoboCupJunior 2022 Bangkok.
Because some team didn’t finish team registration yet. So committee didn’t receive team list.
We committee will sent a newsletter to all team which will participate junior rescue team of the RoboCupJunior 2022 Bangkok when we will receive team list.

2022 committee

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