Important updates on the simulation demonstration competition

It is now less than one week until the code submission deadline and two weeks until the live competition!
We have a few announcements and updates on relevant information to make.

  1. Platform release 7
    Since release 6, we have found a few bugs and changes that would enhance the platform. We now announce our 7th release which will be used to run everyone’s code.

  2. Visual victim detection
    For those who are new to python and OpenCV, we decided to allow participants to use an inbuilt function which will perform visual victim detection automatically. This is an opportunity for teams struggling with OpenCV to have a go at victim detection. 30% of the points related with victim identification will be awarded if you use the inbuilt API to perform victim detection. Please check the documentation for implementation details.

  3. Competition registration and code submission
    Those who have completed the sign up should have received an email regarding registration and submission. Although the deadline is the 25th 23:59:59 UTC , please try to complete this with enough time until the deadline. Remember, there is a mini video to submit for team introduction!

  4. Practice worlds
    We have created some practice worlds for you to test your robots! Please see this page on the website.

  5. Live event
    As announced, the live event will be 4th of October 2020 at 12:00:00 UTC . A YouTube link will be announced in due course. Participants will receive and email to a Zoom invite for a live Q&A session after their runs. The live stream will showcase all of the runs with commentary and an awards ceremony at the end so stay in tune! Detailed schedules will be announced once submission is completed.

Thank you!