Important Notice Code Usage Rules for RCJ Simulation

Dear RCJ Simulation Teams,

As we prepare for the upcoming competition in Eindhoven, we want to remind you of an important rule regarding the usage of software and code. Per the rules, last year’s winning team’s code has been published. However, to ensure fair play and the spirit of innovation, we clarify how we will interpret Rule 3.6.3 Violations:

“Any software specifically designed to complete any single primary task of RoboCupJunior Rescue, e.g., any letter recognition libraries such as Tesseract or EasyOCR, etc., will be prohibited.”

In line with this rule, we will not permit teams to compete with significant parts or the entire code base copied from any sources, including the published code of previous winning teams. The intention of Rule 3.6.3 is to encourage original work and creativity in solving the tasks presented in the competition.

Please be advised that:

  1. Significant parts or entire code bases copied from previous teams or publicly available sources will be prohibited.
  2. Teams are expected to develop their own unique solutions for the competition tasks.
  3. Any team found violating this rule will face disqualification or other penalties as deemed appropriate by the committee.

We encourage all teams to use their creativity, knowledge, and skills to develop innovative solutions. This approach not only aligns with the spirit of the RoboCupJunior Rescue but also ensures a level playing field for all participants.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to seeing your unique and innovative solutions in Eindhoven.

Best regards,

RCJ Rescue Committee