Human Interaction: Where are the limits?

Hi my Name Till,
im from Germany and took part in last years Soccer Open Category.
This year we want to compete in the LWL Category, but we have some Questions concerning Article 1.4 Human Interaction.
Where are the Limits of Human Interaction?

When working with 2 Robots in 1 Team communication is very important.

Robots can share their Position, action or State with each other. Thus for example switching roles between Goalie and Striker all on their own.

Article 1.4 declares that any human Interaction is forbidden.

Once a Robot must leave the field dueto a mecanical problem or beeing out of bounds this Rule is not defined clearly.
The Robot is handed to the Team during Penalty time. In this time the robot can be repaird by the team.
In order to reapir a robot it is necceseary to turn it off since turning wheels could cause Injuries.
While a Robot is beeing repaired the other can detect weather its Teampartner is turned of or not by checking the wireless connection.

The same Principle applys for a robot beeing in penalty and detecting wather it is outside of the arena or being held by a person, then telling the other robot that its alone in the playingfield.
Robots can also be turned of during penalty time, in order to save Battery life, resulting in the other robot knowing about this and thus playing differently.

The question is now weather it is allowed for Robots to be turned of during penalty time or detect weather they are beeing held by a person/ detect if they inside or outside the Arena.

In my oppinion Robots should be able to share their state, since the same principle applys for normal Soccer. Teammebers are aware of each other.
Communication plays an important role in the 2v2 categories and thus detecting weather one of the robots is outside(for instance by checking if the robot is held, or if there is no ground underneath it, or the robot beeing turned of) should be allowed, and the Information beeing send to the other Robot.

What is the current situation concerning this Problem?


Hi Till,
welcome to the lwl in Germany!
We have played lwl in Germany for the last two years and we asked the same question.
The answer was and I believe still is the same:
You are not allowed to press any buttons on the outside robot to control the playing one.
But switching of is allowed, because you stop communicating by switching of.
If the playing robot detects the missing communication and switches to “single mode”,
this is allowed regarding article 1.4

Hope this helps

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Hey Roland,
thank you for the clarification, this helps a lot.


Hi @Till and @stiebel,

Sorry for my late reply here. Let me just clarify that what @stiebel said above is indeed correct and consistent with my reading of the rules.

Furthermore, the current draft of 2019 rules makes this whole problem a bit more clear by saying in section 1.11

Whenever a robot is removed from play, it must be turned off.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask further questions!

– Marek