How wide are the tiles in the maze?


I noticed that rule 2.1.2 states:

All tiles are defined as a 30 cm x 30 cm space.

I was curious as to whether this included the width of the walls. Does the 30cm x 30cm space refer to the open space of a tile which a robot can traverse through, or does it include the walls? E.g., if a wall was on either side of a tile, would the space become 28cm wide by 30cm long assuming that walls are 1cm thick, or would the space remain at 30cm by 30cm. If this doesn’t make too much sense, I’ll draw a diagram to better represent my question.

Hi @Robosapien,

I understand your question. And to answers it, it depends on local organization. If one tile doesn’t have any walls next to it, but then a tile next to does, it would be hard to make both free spaces the same size. Therefore, usually walls are included inside 30x30cm, but their thickness can be different. This is why we also have rule:

2.7.6. All measurements in the rules have a tolerance of ±10%.

For this case, this means that a tile, including the walls, will have at least 27x27cm of free space.

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Thanks for the clarification!