How to public our digital portfolio

Hi guys,

where and ghow should we share our programs and schemes/boards. Is there any newsletter, because we found only one that is on main page of RoboCup. We have seen some post about digital portfolio but I haven’t seen anything site.

many thanks

Hi @TrueSlavs!

The OC is finishing the details for the first OC RCJ Soccer Newsletter. Expect to receive them in the following days with the instructions and relevant information of the competition.

Ing. Roberto Bonilla G.
Robocup Junior International
General co-Chair Organizing Committee

Hello @TrueSlavs, @rbonilla,

@TrueSlavs Please check whether you have received the first newsletter. It should mention that you can submit the portfolio using the following link:

If you have not received the newsletter, please let us know.


– Marek

thanks @mareksuppa, we didn’t recieve any newsletter

How do I receive the Newsletter or where can I have a look at it?

Hi @vico,

If your team managed to get qualified to the International Competition in Montreal, you (or your mentor) should receive information about this soon.

– Marek