How to print rescue line tiles? Please help me :(

Hi, as the title says i’m trying to print the rescue line tiles from:
this is what they look like in file explorer:

But when i open them they are not in a printable “square” shape. For example the basic line is just the black part and does not include any of the white parts of the tile as shown in this screenshot:

Whenever I try to print them it tries to print them across the whole page and not in a square shape

Am I doing it wrong? Is there another set of pdf’s that I should be using?
Thanks - Tom

We didn’t publish any tile design officially, expect some figures on rules.
I think you got these designs from your regional OC.
So, please ask them.
I think they have similar question from participant.


I know I am late for this, but just for the protocol, the german organizers published their printable line tiles here.

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Hi @Clevertop,

The file that you are attempting to download contain the tiles which are used in the Australian RobocupJunior Rescue Line division. These tiles are not 30 x 30 cm and are not what the International RobocupJunior Rescue Line division will use.

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Hi every one
Who are “regional OC”

At least for 2018-19 they should be indicated here.


Kai Junge
2019-20 TC