How to check agility

hi i wanted to ask 2 things
First it says"4.5 Agility Robots The goalie has to approach the ball in the whole penalty area. "in the rules but does this “approach” mean that you don’t need to touch the ball but just move twoard the ball? And this “whole penalty area”, does this mean you have chase the ball that is right in front of the goal which is impossibe to touch it without passing the line fully

Second the rules say " If a robot does not touch the ball that is placed no further than 20 cm from it within 10 seconds, it is deemed to be damaged (see Damaged Robots). "
does this mean robots (robots that are on the penalty line)have to touch the ball that are in the penalty area? And when you check the robot at which time of game(after the ball was taken up and the robot moved or just before when the ball was taken up) is the center of 20cm