How penalty area's white line works?

I have a question for the rule: 1.7 Inside the Penalty Area.

Rule 1.7.1 says, “No robots are supposed to be fully inside the penalty area. As the penalty areas are marked with a white line, the Out of Bounds rule applies to this line as well. (Rule 1.9, Out of bounds)”, and Rule 1.9.1 says, “If a robot’s entire body moves out beyond the white line of the field, it will be called ~.”

It sounds like Rule 1.7 means “when judging ‘fully inside the penalty area’, the white line is exceptionally not a part of the penalty area, in order to lighten referee’s load.”

If there are any misunderstandings, please point them out.

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Hi @RootE ,

Thank you for the thoughtful question.

Your understanding is indeed correct, what “to this line” in Rule 1.7.1 referred to was the line that denotes the penalty area – the implications are exactly the same.

I do realize, thought, that this has the potential to bring out quite a bit of confusion and hence we’ll update it a bit to make it sound at least a bit more clear.

Thanks again for pointing this out and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask!