How can I upload the presentation sheet?

I’m in team Edge.
I’m going to robocup junnior soccer light weight leage 2023 in Bordeaux.
So, I want to know how can I upload the presentation sheet, and when is the deadline?
I can’t found any information about that.So, please tell me!
Thank you your help!!!


please submit any documentation you want the judges to review here by July 1st 23:59 anywhere on earth edit: July 5th 23:59 CEST (Bordeaux time). If you (or anyone else) encounter(s) any issues with submission please reach out (email, forum direct message, reply to this thread, we’re flexible there).

Best Regards and see you at the competition,


thank you your help!


Thank you for the provided information! I am also working with a RoboCup Junior Soccer Lightweight team for the Bordeaux competition. I have not been able to find complete information on the needed submissions. What exact documentations are teams required to submit for the competition by July 1st?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hi Dorothy,

Please upload at least a digital copy of your team’s poster. We’ll be reviewing them before interviews to help us prepare questions.

If your team created any other documentation, you may upload that as well. It would be especially great to see data collected during the design process (e.g. snippets from an engineering journal) and any videos/pictures of developing designs. It is also an opportunity to share with us any team accomplishments you’d like us to be aware of.

Sometimes teams feel like they may need to prepare polished documentation that only highlights the “wins” to impress judges. Please don’t spend the time to do so. Other than a well organized poster, it is much better to present documentation that represents the efforts of students in its raw form as it was created even if it is just a picture of literal napkin sketch!

Other committee members may chime in as well - just my two cents! Please feel free to ask more questions.



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Dear Mike,

Thank you for the detailed explanations! They are greatly appreciated.



Dear Mike,
I have more queries regarding the online submission from my students:

  1. They would like to know whether the rubrics and information on the poster in the document “2023 Awards Draft" (link: 2023 Awards Draft.docx - Google Docs) is final, so that they could prepare for the online submission based on them, or would there be a final document be uploaded soon with significant changes?
  2. They would like to know what is the minimum font size for the poster submission. Is there also a limit to the file size, and whether they need to submit the file in a particular format (eg. pdf, jpeg, google docs, etc)?
  3. Are communications for the lightweight soccer league exclusively on this forum, or other channels (such as email) are used. My students understand that students in another league have received information through email while they have received none so far. Hence, they are worried that they might have been missed out from the mailing list.

Best regards,
Hui Leng

Hue Ling,

Thank you for asking these questions! I’ve added them to the committee’s agenda and plan on making an edit to this post with official responses late tomorrow. In case you’re working on preparing anything before then, here is some guidance:

  1. No discussion has been made on any edits to that doc that would change what your team prepares for the competition. (thanks for linking to it by the way!)

  2. Any restrictions on font size will most likely be practical (e.g. can someone see at least the major headlines from a reasonable distance). Same goes for the file types (what is allowable to be uploaded, what can be zoomed in on better, etc.)

  3. There is a relatively new RCJ Community Slack Channel. A post was just made to refer to the forums for our responses. The point you’re making is fair and will be bought up.


Official answers from our meeting tonight (couldn’t edit the above post - may try to delete it):

  1. The official final draft has been approved and you don’t have to worry about preparing anything special with the new edits (the major updates are on how the awards are decided and given). It should be attached to the first newsletter (see #3) but here is a online published version.

  2. As long as the file can be uploaded, then any size/file type will do (if you have issues, reply to the email address used to send out the newsletters). There will be space for each team to hang the posters onto the wall so you’ll also need to have a printed version at some point (the committee won’t have the ability to print them for teams). Font size needs to be adequate enough to be read from the wall.

  3. An email to RCJ soccer teams registered for Bordeaux has not been sent out so you haven’t’ missed anything from us yet :smiley: (other leagues have started sending theirs). The first RCJ soccer newsletter will be sent out to registered teams closer to the start of the event when more detailed information is available and should also be copied automatically on the #2023-bordeaux-newsletters channel in the RCJ Community Slack. The newsletters will be numbered and sent out regularly during the event. This way we won’t flood this forum or general RCJ soccer channel with info that only pertains to those that are attending.

has the newsletter already been sent out, we saw yesterday by chance in this blog entry that we have to hand in the poster today and we are afraid that we have missed more newsletters and information.


Hello everybody,

since we’re quite late with the first newsletter for teams that have not been following the forum we’re extending the submission deadline for everybody to 23:59 CEST (Bordeaux time) on July 5th, the arrival day.


Hello Eddie,

the first newsletter has been sent. My apologies for being quite late with it, there will be daily newsletters from now on, sent out via email as well as posted to this forum thread.