Help with Pixy Camera

Dear Robocuppers,

We would like to kindly ask you for a help. We are a RCJ Soccer team Uran239 from St.Petersburg, Russia, who has broken one Pixy Camera prepairing for the competition. Now we have only one camera for the team. We’ve ordered several cameras, but the delivery takes time and we won’t be able to train and to participate in competition before 28th July.
We would like to ask you if anybody can sell or owe us a camera for a setup and till the time we receive a camera?!
We are the only RCJ soccer team in Russia to use Pixy camera, so we can’t ask for a help from relative teams.

Looking forward to hearing from a friendly RoboCup community.

With hope,
Natalia Ten,
RoboCup Junior Team Uran239

Hello Natalia,
We are team catenaccio from Egypt and we have a few pixy cams as a spare :smiley: we can lend you 1 on the 26th. Looking forward to meetimg you.

Ahmed Nabil
Team Catenaccio