Handsfree microphones

Dear Ms.,
could you please give me the information:

  1. Will it be available 2 Handsfree microphones (those microphones that can be attached to the ear / head) for OnStage Performance?
    Our team will show the theater performance in which they can not hold the microphones in their hands during the performance because of their acting. It is very important that audiences and judges can to hear the boys because they will talk during the performance.

  2. If you do not have available 2 Handsfree microphones, can we bring our microphones and connect them to official sound system?
    Do you know what kind of equipment for sound system will be available on the competition?

Thank you in advance and best regards.

Dear CroDetective,

Thank you for your question. :grinning:
Regarding the two hands-free microphones, we are sorry, but we can not promise to be able to use them at this time.

Of course, we can request them as a prepared item from the OnStage management team to the local organizer. Indeed, we have requested some headset microphones for the past two or three years. However, they were supplied by local organizers only in 2017. Whether you can use them also depends on the type of audio system used at the venue.

At this time, detailed information of the venue for RoboCup 2019 is not provided. Regarding the audio system, it may not be unveiled until we arrive at the venue. So, if possible, could you please prepare to have sufficient performance without handsfree microphone?

We are looking forward to seeing the achievements of your team’s activities in Sydney.

Best regards,

In addition, there is another concern. Some wireless microphones are using the same radio frequency band as WiFi and Bluetooth.

Particular attention is required on the use of Wi-Fi at the RoboCup world competition venue. Currently, all junior leagues are prohibited from using WiFi, including not only participants but also organizing team. Of course, there are some wireless devices which use a dedicated band to the sound system. However, I can not recommend that the team themselves prepare a hands-free microphone at this moment when it is not clear what kind of sound system will be prepared at the venue.

Therefor, it would be better to create a performance that can be handled with a wired microphone. That’s just my two cents. :slightly_smiling_face: